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Viber has over 1.5 billion unique users worldwide. Because of its reach, it is a powerful solution for companies to connect with customers. Viber makes it easy to communicate with photos, stickers, and other media-rich features. Its popularity and business applications have caused many companies to recognize their potential. Let’s review what you need to know about Viber, how it ιs different from other apps, and if Viber for Βusiness is the right tool for you.

What is Viber?

Let’s recap. In 2014, Rakuten, one of Japan’s largest Internet companies, announced that it would acquire Viber for $900 million. Previously, the Cyprus-based messaging platform had 300 million subscribers. Since the aggressive acquisition, that number has since grown to over 1 billion. Viber is particularly popular in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia.
Viber has many features that make it attractive. Like WhatsApp, texts have encryption and you can talk to anyone who also has the app for free. This is, of course, free as long as you’re connected to the internet. Again, like WhatsApp and other apps, Viber is free to download and offers voice and video calls. You can send photos, audio, and video clips and, of most importantly, instant messages.

What makes Viber different from other chat apps?

In 2017, the app introduced a new feature “secret chats" wherein, the users have an option to start conversations that self-destruct after a certain time limit. This was a major driver of app downloads.
Also, through Viber, you can call people who do not have Viber. This is a major point of differentiation from other popular apps. Calling people who do not also have the app costs money, but at a low cost. Viber calls this service Viber Out. Viber Out costs a few cents per minute and is a convenient way to reach people who don’t also have the app.
Viber also has a robust desktop app, which gives the user freedoms that other messaging platforms cannot easily match. In addition to instant messages, Viber lets you make voice and video calls. That is also a feature that helps Viber stand out.

Why should you use Viber for Business?

In 2016, Viber announced a new suite of tools designed to connect businesses and marketers. Now, Viber users regularly interact with products and brands on the network. Viber has helped brands like Coca Cola, FC Barcelona, Uber, Starbucks, and other international brands engage with their audiences.
Viber makes it easy for you to send messages that motivate customers. For example, you can send product photos, videos, and stickers through Public Accounts. Public Accounts make it easy for customers to find your business and engage with your brand.

How to get started with Viber for Business

Routee is proud to be one of the few official partners of Viber. We use omnichannel digital communication channels like OTT, SMS, Voice, Push Notification, and Email using automation workflows with adjustable fallback channels, making us distinctly qualified as one of Viber’s trusted partners.

Routee and Viber: a winning combination

At Routee, our segmentation and personalization features are part of what makes us market leaders. We make it easy to build and customize lists. So, you can be sure to deliver the right messages to the right audience.
We can send over 2,000 push messages per second. Our Viber Voice Messaging is available on a global scale. We make sure your messages get through and that your business can connect with your customers when and how it matters most.

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