Call masking, Call Masking: What is Number Masking and Why Use it?
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Data privacy and security is a growing concern of the businesses and their customers. People have concerns about giving personal information away, and their phone numbers are at the top of the list. A mobile phone number could easily help hackers break into a bank account, email, social profile and more. That’s why many companies have turned to call masking to give their customers peace of mind. Call masking helps protect both the customer and the business from fraudulent and dangerous threats.

Call masking, Call Masking: What is Number Masking and Why Use it?

What is call masking?

Call masking helps ecommerce businesses protect customer and business phone numbers. It uses a temporary phone number for each party, allowing them to communicate privately during a given time.

Number Masking helps buyers, sellers, delivery staff, and drivers communicate with customers. Most importantly, it does so without exposing their phone numbers. Rather than of connecting two people directly, a bridge connects them and protects their information.

Why is call masking important?

If you’re thinking call masking might not be necessary, think again. Number masking is actually helping companies build customer trust and confidence. And, as a result, helping them increase brand loyalty and customer choice. Let’s let the statistics speak for themselves:

● 79% of people don’t feel comfortable sharing their numbers with business service providers.

● 65% of people are more confident in a company if the business adopts phone number masking solutions.

● 100% of customers will only contact a company if their number is safe and secure.

How does number masking work?

We want to connect two parties, but we don’t want them to have each other’s phone numbers. Somehow we need to mask, or hide, the phone number on both ends. So, we can do this by routing the numbers through a call masking software.

For example, the sender calls a number, 777-777-7777. Then, the call then routes through the masking software. This forwards the call to the recipient at 666-666-6666. But, the recipient doesn’t see the sender’s number (777-777-7777), they see another masked number. Let’s call it 555-555-5555.

What’s more, if they get disconnected, they can even call this number back and get the original sender.

Call masking, Call Masking: What is Number Masking and Why Use it?

How is call masking different than a virtual number?

Well, there are a few main differences. First, a virtual phone number is a permanent number connected to a person or business. They’re usually used for businesses to build a local presence or cut costs on long distance calls. Also, virtual phone numbers are not generally used to protect the privacy of the users.

On the other hand, masked numbers are only good for a limited time. Usually, this is only while the two parties are connecting. You can use the masked number over and over again by the masking party as they’re needed. Again, they’re used to protect the identity and information of both parties that use it.

Now, you know how masking generally works. Next, let’s take a look at some use cases for call masking.

Use cases for call masking

Number masking helps you provide great customer experiences. It is ideal for businesses that share customer information with 3rd parties. So, businesses can provide direct communication without the need for an outside operator. And, it eliminates the need to share personal contact details. Now, here are a few use cases for call masking:

Call masking for delivery services

Couriers and people often need to contact each other during a delivery. But, it’s best if they can do so without providing their own phone numbers. Call masking helps the person delivering the product send updates. Or, it can help them get in touch with the customer when it matters most.

Number masking for transportation or ride share apps

Number masking helps drivers and passengers call each other to arrange rides without sharing a personal number. This is crucial for helping to protect the safety of both the driver and the rider. For example, if the rider leaves an item in the driver’s car. They can contact them without giving away their phone number.

Masked calling for marketplaces

Masked calling helps buyers and sellers connect and trade. It helps companies provide users with peace of mind, knowing they can contact each other without giving away their numbers.

Masked numbers for healthcare

For some professionals in the healthcare field, it’s important to be available to patients. Doctors and physicians often make it possible for their patients to contact them directly. But, even though it’s important for them to be available, they don’t always want to give away their numbers. Call masking helps protect the physician without compromising his or her security.

Getting started with call masking

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