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About ACS Courier

ACS Courier S.A., member of the Info-Quest Group of companies, was founded in 1981 and has become the leading company in the domestic courier marketplace, by providing first-class courier services in competitive prices, within Greece and for all international shipments and worldwide destinations. The company has the largest network in Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria, with more than 350 shops, which cover the communication needs of hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals in 200 countries around the world, while using the most complete and modern IT equipment and automated systems for sorting, tracking and locating shipments. ACS has undoubtedly linked its name to Courier service in Greece by offering, for over 35 years, to businesses and households across the country complete, reliable, affordable and quality services in order to meet their needs for urgent posting.

ACS Courier and SMS

Several years ago, ACS Courier launched an SMS notification service, informing its customers about scheduled package deliveries. Initially, the service was operating manually, but later, ACS Courier automated the whole process by integrating with its ERP and CRM systems SMS APIs. Nowadays, ACS Courier takes its notification system into the next level, by adding a web service (ACS ReDirect) that allows its customers to choose the way, the date and the place of the package delivery.

SMS remains the primary means of the notification system and the “entrance gate” of ACS ReDirect, as the customers still receive an SMS that contains the date and time of the scheduled delivery. The big difference is that the SMS contains a link that the customer can follow in case he/she wants to alter delivery details.

Routee and ACS Courier

It was a pleasure to hear the people of ACS Courier state that it was pretty easy to choose their partner as they were and still are completely satisfied with their cooperation with AMD Telecom and its API communication products, under the brand name Routee. It is a simple to use and integrate API that supports all the desired features while operating flawlessly.

As Routee and ACS Courier teamed up, we managed to achieve some impressive goals:
• The average message delivery is over 97,7%
• The service’s uptime is 99,993%
• 100% of the included links were operative, NOΝΕ of them broke.

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