About LiveTrack24

The LiveTrack24 service provides real-time GPS-tracking for visualization and security for outdoor activities and sports such as paragliding, air sailing, motocross, boat sailing etc. It allows anyone to use a tracking device or a phone and with a mobile network to send location information to a central server, which can then be displayed on a map, allowing others to follow their position in real-time. With LiveTrack24 services, friends and family can follow an athlete’s activities in real time during races or training sessions. LiveTrack24 is available on PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, and even older mobile phones. The app processes incoming live tracking data from apps, devices and servers to generate real-time information, and then displays the results in various ways.

While flying, users can see in real time who is around them as well as other athletes’ status, speed, altitude, distance and direction. The LiveTrack24 app can be also used as a simple GPS device, giving speed, altitude and course readings. After a flight, the pilot or athlete can replay the track and analyze it with advanced tools.

LiveTrack24 and SMS


LiveTrack24 also enables communication between friends and groups via 2 way SMS, allowing them to organize the next event, or to locate each other.


From a security point of view, the user can setup SMS alert messages to be activated in case of emergency. Alerts can be sent either to individuals or to groups of people and include:
• Damage report, when the athlete sends an SMS to predefined phone numbers, describing the problem and the current position.
• SOS signal, when athletes emit SOS via SMS.

Routee and LiveTrack24

Due to the worldwide usage of the service and the importance of timely and reliable delivery of its messages, especially the SOS alerts, LiveTrack24 searched for a partner that could assure the integrity of the service and its uninterrupted operation at all times and under any circumstances.

It is a pleasure that LiveTrack24 has chosen Routee and made us part of this amazing project, while at the same gave us the joy and pride of contributing to athletes’ integrity and health.

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