About E-table

Ε-table is an innovative online service that helps users to find restaurants and make online reservations easily and quickly, 24/7. The service is totally free, does not require a credit card and guarantees exclusive privileges and discounts to its users. Ε-table is the medium to bridge the technology gap between what customers want and what the restaurants have to offer by providing a highly sophisticated platform that grants customers with new opportunities in the industry, enabling restaurants to take advantage of the new era of digital marketing with minimal cost and effort.

Our SMS API is used for sending the reservation codes, an extremely critical function for the quality of their service since the codes should always be delivered with the lowest possible delays.

The API was chosen as the whole process must remain fully automated in all steps and the workflow is as follows:
• The user completes a reservation form, entering his/her personal data, including name, email and mobile number.
• After pressing the “reserve” button he/she receives an email with general information about the reservation and a text message (SMS) with his/her personal reservation code. The reservation code must be then presented at the restaurant reception.

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