cyber monday campaign, Launch a Cyber Monday campaign in three easy steps

Tips for a quick-to-launch Cyber Monday campaign

The spearhead of any marketing campaign is still the email, even though follow-ups do work more efficiently via other channels, like App messaging and SMS.

Creating an engaging content in an email is as easy as finding the right Subject line. Simple but clear, a benefit that presents itself in the second that the eyes are laid upon it, will work wonders even in the crowded environment of an inbox folder.

But the subject line is only the beginning. Today, intelligent communication platforms, like Routee, offer ready-made templates that will welcome any content, no matter how creative this might need to be and of any extent.

Readers of promotional emails know a bargain when they see it.

This means that your offer proposition, your Cyber Monday deal should be easy to spot inside the content box of the email. Flashy visuals or images can actually help pronounce your most gracious of offers. The clearer the benefit becomes, the more engaging your email will be.

Adding a click-to-action button that takes your readers straight to the offers advertised will help them save valuable time and keep the competition at a distance. Facilitating your customers in buying products from your online business will only help them feel reassured of their choice and will most likely return for more.

Launch a campaign in three simple steps

Now that you have already prepared your marketing content for your Cyber Monday offers, all you need to do is launch a campaign. This can be easily done with the help of an intelligent omnichannel communication platform.

cyber monday campaign, Launch a Cyber Monday campaign in three easy steps

►Sign in your Routee account and upload your recipients’ list, your website subscribers.

►Choose the communication channels that you feel are representative of your current customer demographics. For instance, opt to send a campaign through email first and then provide fallback options like Viber messaging with SMS or alternatively via Facebook Messenger with SMS fallback.

►Schedule the timing of your campaign launch to coincide with the most optimum time for your recipients and for the geographic location you are targeting. An intelligent platform, like Routee will automatically respect Quiet Hours and DND settings.

Follow each one of your messages with special trackers and gauge accurately the effectiveness of your offers, strategy and communication channels to prepare for a second wave of a marketing campaign even more successfully.

Cyber Monday is not an opportunity to be missed

The Routee platform will help any business optimize their marketing communication campaigns.

Simple to use but powerful in features, Routee is a perfect partner for any business that seeks to make the best from this one day of the year when all eyes turn online. Create your messages with ease, following intuitive templates and adding your own visuals to make your message even more enticing.

Reach prospective customers, subscribers, and loyal followers on the most effective channel to communicate your Cyber Monday messages with the help of an intelligent omnichannel communication platform.

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