, 5 core strategic elements of an efficient push notification strategy

Push notifications as one of the newest digital marketing channels enjoy notable momentum. For a business to efficiently leverage push notifications, it must craft the entire customer journey from beginning to end, sync this channel with the other marketing channels it is using in its marketing strategy, and take into consideration core strategic elements of push notifications per se, such as the ones we describe here below.

1: Content vs target audience

Content is king and queen, however, as any ruler that respects him/herself, it needs followers. Make sure that the content you write in a push notification relates to your target audience, answers their questions, and meets their needs. You can even use visuals to make your content more understandable. Bottom line, keep your message crisp and clear, with simple and direct language, using memorable short phrases, create a sense of urgency or fear-of-missing out, and of course, always include a CTA to trigger the desirable reaction.

2: Type of push notification and A/B testing

Should you be sending informative, time-bound, reminders, a mix of the above, or all of the above types of push notifications? The answer is: whatever works best for your business and your target audience combined. How can you find out what works best for this equation? By employing A/B testing to determine the most suitable type or combination of push notification types for each target audience. A/B testing is also equally important for determining the preferred time each target audience wishes to receive these messages.

3: Existing subscribers pool

Benefit from your existing subscribers’ database by embedding a link in your newsletter, members-only blog, or SMS, to redirect these subscribers to a page where they can opt-in to receive push notifications.

4: Corporate social proof

Provide an opt-in link on every page your brand owns in each social media platform. Place the link in your profile’s bio, as a new post to engage users, or in the about section of your page. Make sure to describe the value your users will be receiving from opting-in to your brand’s push notifications. You can even combine these placements with user reviews of your products and services for higher engagement.

5: Opt-in and opt-out

Make sure you provide a clear and easy way for users to opt-in or opt-out of your push notifications. It is important for consumers to feel empowered with the freedom of choice, that is, whether they want to be contacted by a business or not, or when they want to opt-out and stop receiving messages. It’s a win-win situation as your business only targets users who are truly interested in your products and services. Explicitly stating that it is easy to opt-out helps consumers build trust in your brand.

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