Christmas email marketing guide by routee

Christmas Email Marketing brings the festive shopping spirit to any mobile or computer screen and invites subscribers to start their holiday shopping with a single click.

Read below 11 unique tips on how to create the perfect Christmas promotional emails for this holiday season with the help of Routee, your Christmas marketing helper!

Promote your Christmas offers on all available channels

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Christmas Email Marketing, Christmas Email Marketing Guide to drive more sales

1. Come up with a great holiday subject line

Everything starts with an inviting subject line. Communicate an enticing Christmas offer in a few words, even add a number to catch the attention of your subscribers and by all means, test the way it appears on popular email clients, desktop and mobile. Routee offers an A/B testing service to even quantify the success of different subjects lines.

2. Include a real person’s name as the sender of the email

Always include a real person’s name, as your email’s sender. For this Christmas promotional email, just Santa himself wouldn’t work. Help your recipients understand that this is not another generic promotional email, but the message of an actual person working in a structured company, someone that can be reached and be trusted.

3. Add the recipient’s name for personalization

Personalized correspondence is perceived positively from recipients as it is more likely to contain a message that might be of real potential interest. An exclusive offer this Christmas is even more convincing and targeted when it is addressed in person. “Dear George, we know you have been a good boy this year, here’s a…”

Christmas Email Marketing, Christmas Email Marketing Guide to drive more sales

4. Brevity rarely breeds boredom

Keep your Christmas message brief and to the point. Your customers might not have the time to read very long emails, they probably save this appetite for work. Your promotional email should be brief and easy to understand. Up to 3 lines per paragraph, 25 words per sentence would do.

5. Include a CTA, no matter what

Christmas offers communicated via email should be easy to get hold of. Add a click-to-action button and direct your holiday shoppers straight to your proposed offers. It is that easy, and quite effective. Include one CTA in multiple forms, as a clickable image, a link or button.

6. Always offer something of value

Customers receive a multitude of promotional emails during the holidays, make sure your proposal is worth considering, as this might be your only chance to win their business. Always ask yourself: “Would I buy what I am selling?” If the answer is yes, you do offer something valuable. Use the Routee email service to let the world know.

Christmas Email Marketing, Christmas Email Marketing Guide to drive more sales

7. Match your Cristmas email marketing content with a landing page

When designing your perfect holiday template, make sure you also design a relevant landing page with similar visuals. This would give the impression of continuity to your readers. They will always make the connection that your offer is legitimate, of value, and from a respectable company that goes the extra mile to present products in the best way possible. Best impressions sell.

8. Use a mobile-friendly email template

The world is mobile. People do tend to move from one place to another, today more often than ever. This means that they read their emails online, on their tiny phone screens. Make sure that your Christmas content is mobile friendly. You can achieve many conversions with the ease of reach this communication medium offers. Produce mobile-friendly email content with Routee.

9. Provide alt-image information for your images

With all those really rich Christmas visuals it is easy to get carried away and not include an alt-image description for your images. With Routee you can do this easily. This is quite crucial, as it will not only provide a short description of the images that might not load, but most importantly will help your visually impaired subscribers understand fully your Christmas message.

Christmas Email Marketing, Christmas Email Marketing Guide to drive more sales

10. Determine the best time to send your Christmas promotions

With WayMore and Routee communication automation, our system can determine when is the best time to send a promotional campaign for the highest possible open & read rate. Launch your Christmas campaigns on Tuesdays and Thursdays or whenever our system determines it’s the opportune time.

11. White Christmas Email Marketing list

Partnering with Routee’s email service will guarantee the delivery of your email campaigns, avoiding the spam folder that does not play well with Santa’s little helpers. We provide a white list email address for all your promotional needs, keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

For even more ways to launch your Christmas campaigns this holiday visit, the intelligent communication platform that reaches, engages and converts, every time.

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