retail marketing for christmas

Before any important purchase, consumers nowadays browse the online stores of their favorite retailers to get a better idea of what’s on offer this holiday season.

One other reason is that by visiting the digital displays of the internet megastores, they are often inspired and prompted for action with offers that match their purchasing habits, due to the personalization that these retailers employ for maximum engagement. This is the reason why digital marketing campaigns carry a lot of value this Christmas and every holiday season for that matter, building up anticipation for the get-togethers and the gift exchange that follows, bringing even more joy to family reunions all over the world.

Read below to gain some more insight on how holiday consumers tend to initiate and complete their purchases at any business with the help of omnichannel promotional campaigns.

Brand loyalty vs urgency & convenience

Christmas holidays are always a hectic time of the year. Right in the heart of winter, streets are filled with cars and sidewalks with shoppers rushing into the markets, making their various purchases from as many stores as possible in very little time. These special circumstances affect all normal operations but also change the usual routines of many shoppers who might switch their allegiance from your business to another out of urgency and convenience.

This is why it is rather important to remind your subscribers of all your Christmas offerings, on any available channel, throughout the holiday period, saving them time and effort from searching for that just-right gift elsewhere.

With a holiday-themed omnichannel campaign from Routee, you can retain your brand loyalty figures while at the same time providing convenience to your subscribers, speeding up the process of gift-hunting with the right promotion on their screen.

retail marketing, Retail Marketing: Christmas holiday consumers and their purchasing habits

From Google search to your physical store, on time for Christmas

As the screen tends to be the first touch point for the commencement of the holiday shopping, read below what consumers are looking for when searching on the biggest search engine online for that one holiday item that can fit in a Christmas socking.

Price of item at a store in the area

People love to shop in their area, because they value the community they live and work in, and they want to support it. The very first thing they are looking for when perusing for items online is, if it is available at a similar price in their vicinity.

Sending promotional messages to the right audience in your area with advanced segmentation can generate leads and conversations in your locality.

Availability of item at a nearby store

Everyone loves the convenience of shopping online, but nothing feels as good as looking at the product you want to buy from up close and then making an instant purchase.

Invite your customers to come and visit your establishment this holiday season, when everything shines and sparkles. Send enticing invitations with the help of intelligent personalization from WayMore and see foot traffic increase tenfold.

Location of a nearby store that has availability of stock

Picking up a product from a nearby store, ten minutes down the road by car is immensely faster than waiting for it to arrive by post or courier. Sometimes good things can come without the wait!

Target the right audience with the help of a powerful segmentation platform. Offer the excitement and convenience of in-store pickup for all your customers residing within close distance from your physical stores.

A map that show the exact position of the physical retailer

An updated map with the position of all the physical retailers can go a long way in helping customers determine the store location of their next purchase. With map apps on every smartphone, getting to the right location from point A is now easier than ever.

Promote your location through omnichanel campaigns that drive conversions when communicating your position on a map. If you are within reach, communicate it and increase sales.

Other items on sale that could be of interest and are available at the nearest store

Being present in a physical store is like having the full experience of sights and sounds in a live theater. Marketing campaigns can draw the crowds and a welcoming shopping environment can help them make a purchase, capturing all the senses.

Streamline your promotional efforts this Christmas by designing campaigns that complement the look and feel of your physical stores. Start the customer journey online and use the same visual clues offline to increase sales in an environment that looks and feels familiar.

Omnichannel Christmas campaigns to boost your physical store traffic

With a powerful and intelligent communication platform your business can reach an audience in the area where you operate to invite customers into your physical store and increase sales.

With Routee, you can engage effectively on every communication channel and launch your promotional campaigns in minutes, enjoying your share of sales this holiday season.

Start your Christmas Marketing Campaigns today!