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Voice broadcasting is already very popular in the political industry, especially during times before the elections. But as the years go by the tool is fastly evolving into something much more. More and more industries are starting to use it to connect with their audience, increase sales, collect feedback and the list goes on.

A business can use voice broadcasting to perform surveys, event invitations, reminders, notifications, corporate announcements, etc. Companies are combining their voice broadcast with interactive response systems to achieve two-way communication between them and their customers. Industries have been using voice broadcasting in different ways to enhance their customer service.

Let’s take a look at some use cases where industries are utilizing the voice broadcasting service to extend their reach among clients:

1. Advertising

Marketers are always trying to find new ways to attract new customers and to keep the ones they already have happy. Voice broadcasting is becoming a must-have tool for a solid omnichannel marketing strategy, and that’s because it offers quality and quantity at the same time. By sending a voice broadcasting campaign, marketers can capture their audience’s attention from the first contact. One or two voice broadcastings are enough to send the message to customers. They usually use voice broadcast service for promotional reasons, social awareness, surveys, or special events messages. Basically, If you have any unique discounts, upcoming events, timely promotions, or any special message to send to clients, a voice broadcast is a perfect way to get their attention.

2. Healthcare

When it comes to the healthcare sector the role of communication is really critical because usually there is no time to waste or no place for errors. A hospital receives thousands of calls every day and most of them are urgent. Voice broadcasting comes to the rescue and takes out-of-the-way phone calls, answering machines, wrong phone numbers, etc. For example, the hospital gets informed of the arriving patient along with the type of emergency in real-time, while patients are on their way. It’s also common to use voice broadcasting to help patients. Doctors are using the service to notify patients of their medicine dosage or to send them appointment reminders. It is a great way to support patients, especially elderly or vulnerable ones in the community by enabling messages to be read out loud for better understanding.


3. Political Industry

In politics, voice broadcasting is usually used by political parties to promote their election agenda among voters and party volunteers. Parties are using multiple broadcasting campaigns in order to reach potential voters per target. As we mentioned before, they also use the service to communicate with their volunteers for staff like updates of party activities, upcoming events, or simple motivational messages.

Besides sending information, political parties are also using voice Broadcasting to perform polls and surveys. The seat kinds of surveys usually work in the form of numeric responses (press 1 for x party, press 2 for y party). That makes them quick and easy to answer, which increases the success rate of the surveys. “Throwing” a campaign message, sending gathering reminders to volunteers, or motivating people to vote, with voice broadcasting political parties are transferring every type of information to their target audience.

4. Government

A lot of times the government seems to fail to communicate new policies or laws to the citizens. Well, voice broadcasting has become a great way to deliver that kind of information to the right recipients. Due to easy reachability on basic phones voice broadcast has helped the government to communicate new plans or any kind of information even to elderly or vulnerable community members. Another popular use of voice broadcasting by governments is sending emergency notifications to the citizens when it’s needed. These alerts require a quick and practical way of sending information that everyone can get and voice messages are the perfect way to do it.

5. Education

Educational institutions find themselves in need of smarter communication methods, especially now that Covid 19 pandemic is keeping students away from physical facilities for so long. Voice broadcasting is helping to distribute important information to students and parents, and with teaching and assessments as well.

Wrap up

Voice broadcasting is a useful cost-effective tool that should be a part of every successful business’s and industry’s omnichannel marketing strategy. Send voice broadcasts, pre-recorded messages, or text-to-speech to spread information to large masses of any age, give recipients the option to choose if and when they want to take your message, and add on high-quality communication to your campaigns. As time passes the uses of voice broadcasting are becoming more and more. It is no longer a service for sending emergency updates. Instead, industries of all kinds are now using voice broadcasting in many creative ways.

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