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What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting refers to a mass communication technique that started in the 1990’s. Its purpose is to broadcast messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once, using a centralized system and phone number.

The most common types of voice broadcasting messages involve pre-recorded audio or text-to-speech messages and offer the ability to personalize the message.

In some cases, once call recipients answer the phone, they can listen to the recorded message and interact by pressing keys on their numeric keypad, based on the options provided. The options might range from entering a number from the options provided to entering a sequence of numbers belonging to an ID. The system detects which key is pressed and is programmed to interact and play various messages accordingly.

Voice broadcast is widely used by businesses, as an easy and cost-effective way to broadcast important messages to customers, all at once.

The Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

So, now that you know what voice broadcasting is, let’s take a look at some ways voice broadcasting can benefit your business and help the bottom line:

Wide Reach

You can share your voice message with hundreds and thousands of customers all at once, at a fraction of the speed that human beings would take for the same activity. To add to this, through voice broadcasting you can extend your reach to the non-tech savvy and visually impaired and to those who can’t read due to illiteracy. Voice broadcasting is one of the oldest business-building techniques and a widely recognized medium. That is why it can appeal to many individuals.


Cost and time effective

If you had to make phone calls separately to thousands of customers on your database it would be very timely and expensive. This is where voice broadcasting comes in. The speed, scalability and potential reach of voice broadcast, make it a cost and time-effective solution. It is affordable and can grant you the results that would otherwise take a long time for employees to achieve. At the same time, as calls are made without agent involvement, agents have the time to focus on revenue-generating projects, helping them boost their productivity.


Voice broadcasting can also offer you advanced flexibility since you can place your recorded call according to the customer’s availability without affecting their schedule. And voice broadcast is as flexible for your business as it is for your customers. It gives you the flexibility to choose the way you want to interact with your customers. Messages are easily interchanged, recorded, or altered as required, so agents can send messages to the customers instead of calling. In addition, your business can also generate new messages and start getting them out within hours.

Ιmportant Insights

Voice broadcasting software can provide valuable real-time feedback and call reports. Some of the most important metrics you will be provided with are the number of people who answered your calls, time of call initiation call duration, and the input (numbers pressed on the keypad). Using this data, you can get clear explanations for under-performing campaigns in order to refine your messages and plan effectively.


Your goal is to build a consistent and strong brand. Voice consistency, tone, and message is crucial to that end. This can not be achieved with manual calls, but it can be achieved with voice broadcast. It can offer complete uniformity of your brand image, so you can rest assured each and every customer is getting the same information. By using a recognizable voice to communicate with your clients, you increase the possibilities of building stronger relationships with customers and increasing their trust.

Personal touch to your communication

In comparison to text-based communications like emails or SMS, voice broadcasting is certainly more personal. When people hear your voice, you can show a more personal side of your brand, further establishing that important connection that builds trust. In addition, voice broadcasting helps you personalize the message depending on the type of customer you want to cater to. For example, a new customer can get a different message, while a returning or loyal one might get a different one.

Understanding your audience

Understanding your customers is no easy task. Getting to know what they want, like, and need is vital to your growth. Through voice broadcasting you can easily gain this insight, by asking customers questions about your products, what they like about them and what improvements or additions they would be keen on seeing. This information will give you a deep understanding on their desires and needs so you can fulfill them and continue to solve their problems.

To sum up

Voice broadcasting might be “old school”, yet it is a very valuable tool, solving a number of unique problems that have no other solution. Hence, voice broadcasting services are great in helping businesses and brands reach a larger audience and achieve multiple goals faster and more efficiently. It is time, you start using a voice broadcasting service to scale-up your business by creating value for the customer.

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