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What is Number Lookup?

Number lookup or HRL lookup can help you turn your contact numbers into marketing data. It is a tool that enables you to discover the details behind a phone number. This information can help you verify and format numbers, recognize the carrier and number type, and even learn the owner’s name. Businesses spend a lot more money than needed, on their SMS messaging, for example, when they don’t know if the mobile numbers they use are active.

Nowadays, number lookup has found applications in campaigns and programs based on mobile phone numbers. That way organizations can automatically check the validity and situation of the phone numbers they use, use the proper process and reduce cost. Number lookup can help you check your user database, the way they behave and stay away from wrong and invalid numbers. You can prevent extra cost by using it to “clean” your database before starting any of your campaigns. Number Lookup can help you know your clients better, check when they are going away, and give them customized services.

How does it work?

Number lookup gives you access to mobile carriers' information about the phone numbers on their networks. That means that you get the data you need about any mobile number, in real-time, all over the world. Using a Number lookup against all numbers in your database defines which numbers are valid and can be reached. With the additional info, it provides about mobile numbers you can keep your database clean by removing numbers with invalid area codes, numbers that are too long or too short, etc.


What Number lookup can tell you?

A Number lookup “asks” your mobile network operator and delivers information about a specific mobile number. The information you receive is:

  • The country the SIM is registered
  • If the SIM is active or not
  • If the phone is on or off
  • If the phone is connected to a network. Where the mobile number can not be reached, an explanation is given. You can then decide whether the number should be retained in your database.

Benefits of Number lookups

Number lookup can help a business in more than one way. Let’s see how yours can benefit from its use:

  • Improve marketing functions

Targeting an updated database of clients makes your campaign more efficient before it even starts.

  • Remove the right numbers

Number lookup can “tell the difference” between an invalid number and a number with a temporary problem. So you can keep your database clean, without losing any valuable contacts.

  • Changes message deliverability

When we say changes, we mean improves. By using only valid numbers for your SMS campaigns, you automatically improve your message deliverability.

  • Recognizes fraudulent numbers

Number lookup tracks false numbers so that you can remove them from your database and keep it clean.

  • Helps your business stay spam-compliant

If the mobile number is no longer connected with an individual, continued messaging may breach spam legislation.

How can you use Number lookup?

Clean your database
Use number lookup to Identify unused and inactive contact numbers in your business’s databases to reduce costs on mobile messaging and landline calls.

Enable real-time number portability lookups to advance your message and voice routing.

Improve delivery rate success
Clean your lists and improve routing before sending messages and voice calls. Verify if a phone number is valid, reachable, and approachable.

Final Thoughts

People often change their numbers, providers, go into roaming, etc. A business can improve its campaign’s efficiency and reduce cost when it works with a clean database and know which numbers are in use or which network its customers are using at the time. So, don’t stay behind! Get on board with Routee and gather the data you need on any mobile number worldwide!

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