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In today’s digital world where data privacy is a major concern, sharing your mobile phone number online is not advised, as it can reveal a lot of personal information about a physical entity. Phone numbers are used to verify many aspects of a person’s life, such as accessing a bank account, social media profiles, business platforms, healthcare apps, and so on.

What is telephone spoofing?

Caller ID spoofing, also known as telephone spoofing, is a major data breach problem. Caller ID spoofing is the process when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to a caller ID display to disguise their identity. The reasons behind telephone spoofing range from simple pranks to elaborate scams and frauds. Scammers often use neighbor spoofing to make it seem like the incoming call is coming from a local number, or they might even spoof a number from a company or a government agency that a caller already knows and trusts.

According to reports, Americans lost nearly $19.7 billion from phone scams in 2020 -more than double the amount reported in 2019- while in the UK the loss amounted to £56.3m in 2019.

Consumers are not the only victims here. Businesses also fall victims to spoofing. According to Verizon, in 2018, a US company received about 300 scam calls within an hour. Without enough resources to handle all the calls, the spoofing attack hurt business operations for the company.

Call masking comes to the rescue, as it is the only real preventive action a business can take to protect its customers against malicious call spoofing actions. Let us take a look at how number masking can balance the mobile phone number requirement providing security, privacy, and anonymity.

What is call masking?

Call masking is the best solution to protect you and your customers from spoofing. It is a technique used by businesses to ensure the privacy of their customers by facilitating them to connect with a business without revealing their numbers.

Implementing a number masking solution protects the identities of both parties, using a short-lived phone number that prevents misuse of their personal information, allowing them to communicate seamlessly during a specified period.

Number masking is empowered by Voice API like Routee, enabling customers and customer support agents to communicate directly with each other without revealing their actual phone numbers. The same technique can also be used for the parties involved to send SMS to each other without revealing their phone numbers.

Call masking Infographic

How can call masking benefit your business?

Number masking provides several business benefits. Let us dive into them and highlight the most important of those benefits.

Ensuring safe and enhanced business communication

The use of a call masking service provides anonymity and creates a secure environment for both parties involved. Call masking enables businesses to be confident that they are especially verified for legal use and protect business information.

Customers, on the other hand, will not receive spam and can effectively hide phone numbers from the reach of spammers. Assuring the privacy of customers is extremely vital for all organizations aiming for an upgraded customer experience.

Masked phone numbers and call tracking

You can easily record, track and analyze all conversations taking place, helping you gain essential customer insights. Your business can gain awareness regarding customer feedback, identify pain points for your product or service, and identify improvement areas by allowing customers to share their experience and service quality.

Besides, your business can establish sheer transparency about an agent’s ability and actions through real-time call reports.

Secure exchanges with in-platform transactions

Number masking ensures that the communication between different stakeholders only takes place through your business platform and that no personal information is exchanged between them, eliminating the possibility of engaging in personal transactions. In this way, you can keep all your business transactions fully secure and within your platform, a fact that enhances the overall safety of monetary exchanges. You do not have to worry about revenue leakage because all payments take place within your platform.

Superior customer experience

As we have frequently stated in many of our blog posts, customer experience should be of the highest quality if your business is looking to benefit from word of mouth, repeat purchases or turn leads into customers.

There is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that your number is safe and that your users feel comfortable and willing to engage. With a phone number masking service, you ensure quick and safe communication between all the entities involved. The masked phone numbers facilitate a secure connection and strengthen trust.

Your customers benefit from being able to contact you instantly to resolve concerns, while your employees benefit from being able to communicate with customers and provide them with what they need.

In the knowledge that their information is kept safe utilizing disposable numbers, businesses can deliver a delightfully satisfying experience for end-users.

Gain customer loyalty and grow

Customers tend to reward businesses that offer comfort and assurance and deliver security. They appreciate privacy and anonymity in personal life and do not want to compromise their identity by losing their private phone number to unknown representatives.

The use of masking services conveys to customers that you are always there, true to your promise to provide an excellent and interactive environment. When you demonstrate that you have your customers’ best interests at heart, your efforts do not go unnoticed. Customers stick around with companies that go above and beyond to protect their privacy and create a great experience. Customers who stick around turn into loyal returning customers, playing a significant role in your business growth.

Get started with call masking

Make your customers feel secure and gain their trust by stepping up to secure the data you keep. Protect their privacy and your business interests by masking all calls with random virtual numbers. Use Routee’s Call Masking service to ensure that your company employs the latest communications and security technology.

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