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Why do you need an RCS messaging service?

RCS Messaging is probably the next game-changer in mobile messaging. It encompasses all the cool stuff we have gotten used to on internet-based messaging apps (such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc). From images to audio, video, GIFs, carousels, to customized reply buttons. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many are referring to it as the successor of SMS.

Unlike SMS, where the sender is another phone number, in RCS the sender is a registered business name that is verified to give consumers peace of mind that messages are legitimate, reducing the risk of scam messaging or phishing attempts. With its rich, dynamic content, RCS offers businesses across industries higher engagement, increased satisfaction, and overall better ROI.

Use of RCS messaging across industries

Without further ado, let us take a look into how RCS messaging is used in different industries.

Banking & Finance

Banking and finance institutions face a major challenge in the digital ecosystem. Αs one of the oldest sectors in the modern economy they still are lacking behind in terms of the digital user experience. As a sector, they have been conducting customer outreach using a multi-channel approach, consisting of a combination of email, phone calls, SMS, Apps, and postal mail.

However, customers want a seamless digital customer experience that lets them complete all their transactions quickly. They don’t want to leave their email, to go to their bank’s website to make a payment. They will either not follow through or will leave it for later and most likely won’t come back to it. This is the gap RCS (Rich Communication Services) is here to fill. 

RCS Messaging can help in answering account queries like account balance, locate nearby ATM, block card, request a mini statement or detailed statement of your account, new product/ service request such as credit card, debit cards, new insurance plans and policies, and renewing their existing policy. 
RCS can improve brand perception and increase loyalty via efficient messaging services that just work.


Travel & Tourism

From choosing seats to payments to flight reminders and QR code boarding passes, the travel industry has been using RCS messaging to maintain a superior branded experience throughout guest interactions. During this pandemic, the industry suffered a huge blow with customer service requests growing as travel arrangements were cancelled. RCS Business Messaging has played a vital role in offering assistance and personalizing interaction between a help desk representative and a customer.

Companies in the sector can send on-time notifications of cancellation, check the refund status by and send other important notifications and alerts to the users. The users can also search and book a ticket for their next trip. RCS connects travelers to the information they need when they need it the most and this level of support in return fosters long-lasting brand loyalty.


Μodern day customers want immediate responses and also the ability to buy what they need quickly and with ease. RCS can facilitate the process. Users don’t need to visit the brand’s website, they can interact with their favorite brands using RCS. RCS can bring e-commerce transactions from a website or an app to the messaging app itself.

RCS can also personalize product or service offerings based on previous purchases and user history it can gather and make the user experience more relatable with the user’s interests.

RCS also plays an important role in the completion of e-commerce transactions, through confirmation messages and by communicating delivery statuses. Uncertainties and the lack of transparency regarding the state of online purchase deliveries can be a big headache in the e-commerce process. By sending customers messages on the status of their order, businesses allow them to track their package providing greater peace of mind.


Healthcare providers seeking to improve the experience and maximize engagement potential for their patients should be making themselves familiar with RCS. RCS can help healthcare providers in transmitting trusted communication, sending and receiving critical information such as diagnostic test results, sharing health tips, scheduling an appointment, and a lot more. 

And not only can healthcare businesses deliver an enhanced customer experience, but they can also increase efficiency and reduce costs. Perhaps the biggest way that it can aid the healthcare sector is rescheduling appointments. The NHS alone reports that missed appointments account for 1 billion pounds lost annually. Reducing this figure by utilizing RCS technology is therefore likely to be well received.


Customers interact with telco providers for various issues such as billing-related queries, plan change requests, and many more. With the use of RCS Business Messaging, users can directly solve their queries without agent involvement. A user can ask regarding the usage of their account like data consumed, the number of SMS’s consumed, free minutes consumed, and recharge invoices.

Telcos on the other side can also push all promotional offers to consumers, push alerts with certain details of the plan and usage. All this can increase recipient engagement due to videos, photos, dynamic images for personalization, and so on. It also offers superior convenience for recipients who can see your locations on a map or make payments with a click.

To sum up

Today’s digital-first consumers have higher expectations for how businesses should communicate with them. RCS proves to be able to meet those expectations. Although it is not yet commercially available to all, it is important to be aware of how businesses can make use of RCS to grow revenue and deliver an upgraded messaging experience.

Businesses in all sectors are ready to allocate and invest their digital marketing budget towards RCS Business Messaging to communicate and engage with customers as it creates an enhanced communication platform to reach them where they already are. If you want to join the messaging revolution, it’s time you speak with our experts to learn why RCS messaging is right for your business.

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