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Why does your business need Viber Messaging?

With messaging apps becoming the channel of choice for most consumers to interact with a business, being available on an app most of them already use can give a business an important competitive advantage. Viber business messages is a powerful solution that can help businesses across industries deliver engaging and rich experiences to customers.

These are just some of the reasons marketers across industries have capitalized on Viber to keep their audience informed and updated.

  • 1+ billion users
  • 70+ million interactions every minute
  • 35+ minutes spent on Viber per day
  • Used in 193 countries
  • 97% delivery rate

To better understand how Viber can work in practice, here are just some examples of how it is being used across industries.

Use of Viber Messaging across industries


Our smartphones go where we go and they have become an essential item before, during and after our travels. They create an easier, more convenient and personalized travel experience. From research to planning right through to when they arrive at their destinations.

After all, they contain everything we need and all come with us as we travel around the world. Our plans, our boarding passes, maps. That is why travel businesses use messaging services to interact with the audience and customers. Viber being amongst the most used in the industry. Here are some of the ways Viber Messaging has been used to help business:

  • Booking – With Viber messaging a travel company can target travellers by promoting special offers such as hotel discounts, travel packages and so on, while it can launch a campaign when people are looking into booking a holiday.
  • Real-time updates – Viber messages are delivered at an instant, even when customers are out of the country, which makes them the best way to send time sensitive information. Things like delayed flights, bad weather, or a strike can be delivered to the customer straight away, giving them time to avoid a problem. Updating customers about events that might affect their travel plans is a key way to keep them happy.
  • After sales service and customer satisfaction – It’s important to engage with customers even after they return home. Campaigns with the purpose of thanking them for booking with you, asking for reviews and feedback on all aspects of their trip are essential to maintain customer satisfaction.


Viber messaging is becoming one of the most popular methods of communication with customers in the banking sector. Due to its rapid and direct nature, it is the perfect channel for an industry that handles confidential and time-sensitive customer information.

Here are some examples of how they can be used:

  • Fraud management – The use of Viber messaging has been a key factor in managing the increased risk of fraud in banking. With customers almost constantly having mobile phone access, unusual activity or change in an account can be checked with them almost immediately by sending authentication PINs to users to safely complete the process.
  • Customer loyalty – Customers like being able to contact an organization in a convenient way. Wirth Viber Business Messaging they can contact their bank cheaply and easily. On the other hand, by notifying customers of changes, any by sending reminders, updates and statements, a bank adds value to the customer and produces a sense of loyalty significantly improving customer relationships.
    In addition, by keeping in touch with customers through bulk Viberl messages, banks win big on time and save phone call or email costs.

Delivery services

Customer expectations are high when it comes to logistics companies providing a timely and efficient delivery service, yet the system is not perfect and people still miss deliveries.

Efficient communication with clients in an easy and timely manner is key in order to solve this ongoing issue and provide a much more effective solution. Viber messaging can really help to this end.

Here are some ways delivery services have been using the platform:

  • Real-time delivery updates – Providing real-time updates on delivery status to the customers who are waiting for deliveries can be done instantly through Viber. The messages go directly to customers and help prevent the frustration of missing an important delivery.
  • Order tracking – By sending a shortened link through a Viber message, give customers access to a tracking page on their website. The tracking page provides information on every stage of the delivery so that the customer is aware and in the loop as to the estimated delivery time.


The healthcare sector is increasingly using instant messaging to send out patient info and to provide the best care available, focusing their efforts on missed appointments, as well as bulk campaigns for important health issues.
Here is how they are working to fix these issues through Viber Messaging:

  • Reduction of missed appointments – Τhe healthcare sector has been struggling with missed appointments. They are said to cost thousands of euros annually and have an impact on resources and waiting list times. As most people have their phones nearby at all times and read their texts within 4 minutes, a simple Viber reminder for patients to respond to is an easy and accessible way to solve this issue.
  • Health Campaigns – The use of Viber bulk messaging for mass communication is cheaper than other channels of communication and way more effective given its broad reach. Therefore, it is a channel that should be used as a key part of a public health campaign, raising awareness about health conditions, updating on health warnings and other useful information.

Ready to launch your Viber campaign?

A lot of businesses across industries have recognized the potential of Viber to create a permanent connection with their customer, considering instant messaging is a part of the daily life for many people. Like all mobile messaging apps, Viber messaging is always evolving, bringing new, exciting ways for businesses across industries to reach their customers directly.

It is a great tool for customer support because it is simple and has great reach while it can be used to market products and services and build connections with customers. By teaming up with an established provider, like Routee, businesses have way more to gain and they can ensure that their investment in Viber Business Messages delivers on its full potential.

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