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Developers’ guide to Routee’s Viber messaging API

Viber is one of the largest 3rd party communication applications, counting already more than 260 million active users per month. Can you think of a better communication channel so as to reach your audience straight to their mobile devices, using rich messaging?
Our Viber API lets you choose from 3 message layouts:
• Plain Text
• Image only
• Advanced message including text, image and a button that lead your audience to a predefined website.

The body of the messages can be up to 1.000 characters long, while the length of the button, if there is any, up to 20 characters.

Message Statuses
After sending your campaigns we provide you with detailed status for every Viber message. Following you may find the available statuses, including a short description.

Viber message status Description
Delivered The message was successfully delivered to the recipient.
Undelivered The message was not delivered to the recipient. Undelivered messages are not charged.
Seen The message was seen by the recipient.
Expired The validity period of the message expired as the message was not able to be delivered within a specific, predefined timeframe.
Failed The message failed to be accepted by us. Failed messages are not charged.
Queued The message could not be delivered but we are resending it. The message is not charged until we deliver it.
Unsent The message was not sent due to insufficient balance. Unsent messages are not charged.


Inbound messages

With Viber messaging you can receive inbound messages that will be delivered to the inboundUrl that you define in the body of your request.

Following you may find the form of what your service will receive:

<span style="font-size: 12pt;">{
  "from": string,
  "to": string,
  "message": string,
  "sentDate": string,
  "campaignName": string,
  "campaignTrackingId": string,
  "referenceTrackingId": string,
  "direction": string

The parameters are:

KEY Description
from The sender of the inbound message
to The sender ID you used in your send out
message The body of the inbound message
sentDate The date the inbound message was sent, in ISO format
campaignName The name of the campaign
campaignTrackingId The tracking ID of the outbound campaign
referenceTrackingId The tracking ID of the outbound message that this inbound message refers to
direction The direction of the received message, so it will be “Inbound”

Here is a real example:

<span style="font-size: 12pt;">{
  "from": "+3069xxxxxxxx",
  "to": "your_sender_id",
  "message": "This is the body of the inbound message",
  "sentDate": "2017-08-11T12:36:45.393Z",
  "campaignName": "NameOfCampaign",
  "campaignTrackingId": "62d4a3cc-6f32-4ba2-b99a-b661fb27fdd5",
  "referenceTrackingId": "dcfa62e1-13af-459a-a6ca-f15727a0b830",
  "direction": "Inbound"

Callback (Webhook)

Through Routee’s API you can ask and receive notifications for every status change.

Following you may find a sample of what you will receive in your callback service for individual messages:

<span style="font-size: 12pt;">{
  "trackingId": "string",
  "campaignTrackingId": "string",
  "to": "string",
  "from": "string",
  "groups": ["string"],
  "country": "string",
  "status": {
    "name": "string",
    "updatedDate": "string"
  "body": {
      "text": "string",
      "iosFallbackText": "string",
      "imageURL": "string",
      "viberAction": {
           "caption": "string",
           "targetUrl": "string"
  "ttl": integer,
  "inboundUrl": "string",
  "applicationName": "string",
  "price": double,
  "direction": "string",
  "originatingService": "Viber",
  "createdAt": "string"

The parameters of the string are:

KEY Description
trackingId The tracking ID of the message
campaignTrackingId The tracking ID of the campaign
to The phone numbers where the message will be send to
from The sender ID of the message
groups All the contact groups that this contact is included in
status.name The status name of the message
status.updateDate The date of the last status update of the message
body.text The text of the message
body.iosFallbackText The alternative message that will be sent after the expiration period of the message
body.imageURL The url of the image of the message
body.viberAction.caption The text of the button inside the message
body.viberAction.targetUrl The action that will be executed when the recipient taps the button
ttl The time range until the message is considered valid. TTL range is set to 14 days by default but it can be altered
inboundUrl The notification callback information for the inbound message
applicationName The name of the application that sent the message
price The cost of the message
direction The direction of the message
originatingService The service that sent the message

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